I'm Livia

Welcome to Kasmyra, your 2-in-1 beauty and blogging platform. Learn how to create a professional beauty blog — browse topics like branding, copywriting and growth hacking while checking out your favourite skincare products, trends and DIY recipes.

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The Person Behind

The Story

When I’m not blogging I work as a Content Marketer for one of the world’s tech giants. Travel is my middle name, I’ve lived in Spain, Malaysia, and Estonia and I’m currently settled in my beautiful home country, Romania. I started my beauty adventure when I was working in Kuala Lumpur for a cosmetics brand and realized just how little we know about skin care.


The beauty industry is not always helping us make the most informed decisions, so here I am blogging my way out of the beauty nebula and into different beauty corners of the world.

I started Kasmyra because I wanted to bring something new to the beauty blogging industry: useful tips and proven methods to grow your beauty business, be it a simple blog or shop.


With the abundance of cosmetic brands, everyone is focusing on the big players leaving the local brands aside. 


Beauty & skincare is well grounded in many cultures and it’s a rich source of empowerment for all of us. Let's discover new, local brands & unique skincare treatments together. 

What I Stand For

My Values

We all yarn for the perfect skin, no visible pores, zero zits and no shiny nose. But there’s no such thing. Normal skin is just a convention that only exists in textbooks, not in real life. Beauty is our expression of well-being no matter how imperfect our skin is. So embrace yourself, we are all a bunch of beautifully imperfect girls and we rock the world. And while you’re at it, remember:

01 Your skincare shouldn’t be complicated

We’ve all seen those videos where beauty bloggers throw a hilarious amount of (expensive) products onto their faces like it’s common sense. Splurging on all the trending products at once is nothing but a false investment. All you need is a couple of good products and a big smile.

02 The best skin is your bare skin

We need an aesthetics for the skin in nude. The beauty industry is ripe with too many overnight cures, too many ‘exclusive products’, too much buzz, and too much nonsense. Beauty is having the confidence to smile through long days and bad weather, with or without makeup. Well…a Vitamin C serum might come in handy too.

03 Value traditional local brands

Mainstream beauty brands seem to be getting all the attention. There’s an entire universe of beauty brands and cultures in every corner of the world waiting to be rediscovered. That’s where the best beauty stories are. That's where we'll be.

Contact Me

Wanna ask a question? Shoot. We currently accept guest posts, however we're not yet ready to work with companies & brands.

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