I'm Livia

I’m a Content Designer, my portfolio ranges from landing pages, email campaigns, video scripts, articles, and more articles. I’ve developed content strategies and done SEO audits for complex websites. And now, I'm going to show you how I started it all.


Let me take you...

...down the memory lane

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Writing has been with me for a while. I'd write poems as a teen and attend literary workshops in my student years. I’ve come a long way since then, and during the past 7 years, I’ve worked to hone my skill. ​

I’ve experimented with various topics 

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Expert Voice




"I feel you, girl!"

Having my head in the clouds, coming down to Earth has always been my pain point. Funny enough, pursuing my passion got me touching the ground faster than I thought.

How I did it?

I got pushed   I followed these steps...

6 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Storyteller 


Jump on that plane

After six months of visa work and a 24 hour flight, I landed in Kuala Lumpur, where I would work as a Content Writer for a beauty company.


Ask the data 

Vanity metrics or facts? Follow the KPI trail down the rabbit hole. Find your story.


Write some more

It all takes practice. Be brave, freelance as a writer, start a blog, guest author for cool sites. 


Cut some more

There are no good writers, only great editors. Take up a Style Guide (gotta love my Chicago Style Guide) and become a pro at proofreading and editing. 


Tackle technicalities

Where do we publish to, Wordpress, Sitecore or Sharepoint? Writing code is not just for programmers. It's in our job description too.

Don't just write

Digital content is not just written, it’s designed to play well with search engines, with the page it sits on and with people.  When crafting your story, don't forget to bring in the digital mix.     


So, are you ready to take this story to another level?