5 Most Common Mistakes For Oily Skin

Ever wondered how some people suddenly become skin "experts" for someone else’s skin problem? How many ‘advises’ coming from ‘the elderly’ have you followed in hope that you would solve your skin issues?

Expertise like ‘always wash your face with a home-made soap for clothes and your acne will disappear’ is still spread (that was what people told me to do when I had acne) and that’s why I want to talk here about the most common mistakes that some of us are probably still doing during the skincare routine (for oily or acne prone skin):

1. Sun helps dry out the pimples on your face.

girl in sun

Not! You may get some instant results and your skin may feel lighter after a little sun bath however this is only a temporary effect. When we say sun we are generally referring to 3 things that we should be worried about: UVa, the cause for skin cancer and premature aging, UVb, the cause for sunburns that leads to premature aging and UVc the most harmful of all. Now you get my point? Always use sun protection especially if you have acne prone skin.

2. My skin is both oily and dry.

Most people confuse dehydrated skin with dry skin and that’s a fact. Of course we have a special case when only the T-zone is oily and cheeks feel dry and they invented a separate word for it, combination or mixt skin type.

But if your skin is oily all over and still feels a bit tight on specific areas (cheeks) most probably what you are experiencing is dehydration.

Can one have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time? Hell, yes.While dehydration is a result of lack of water in the superficial layers of our skin, dryness is caused by lack of moist in the deeper layers of the skin. And from here we go into another major mistake that oily skin possessors often make:

3. Moisturizers are too greasy for my oily skin.

Of course, if you think your skin is dry and not dehydrated you will go and get your hands on the first product that says for very dry skin, which is, usually, a pretty greasy cream-type moisturizer. All skin types need moisturizing, don’t ever doubt that, the question is what moisturizer should I use for my oily skin? Very light water based moisturizers which come into gel-type or cream type form, they usually have purified water as first ingredient.

I always recommend a gel type moisturizer for very oily and acne prone skin, it soaks in instantly and it leaves no oil residue on your face.

4. I have pimples that’s why I don’t exfoliate.

Another general misconception is that if you have problematic skin, especialy acne prone it’s better not to do anything to disturb the acne, including exfoliating with scrubs. You can’t be more wrong than this!

Nowadays there are products for evey skin type and problem. If you think scrubs irritate acne prone skin well they might do just that if you missuse them. Scrubs and exfoliators promote the turnover of cells and accelerate the healing process of damaged skin.

Use scrubs weekly, be gentle with them, don’t get too overexcited with rubbing them to hard onto your skin.

5. I have oily skin so I should wash my face as much as possible to reduce the oilyness.

I am not proud to say that I subscribe to this mistake. In my years of young foolishness I really though that over-washing will keep my face clean and less greasy. But, without even realizing if you over-wash you are ripping all the moisture off and your skin will react by producing more oil to keep the skin moist.

The end result, more shinny shinny oil on your face and too less moist beneath your skin. We don’t want that! Just keep the basics, wash your face 2 times a day with the proper products.


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