How To Write Amazing Headlines For Your Beauty Posts

How To Wrote Headlines For Beauty Posts

So you’re a beauty blogger, you have a topic you want to write about, maybe even a full article. But how to craft a catchy headline for your beauty article? Whether you’re writing about skincare, makeup or general beauty, here are some ideas you can really work with.

The beauty blogging industry is very flashy and your post titles need to hit the mark. But hey, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Beauty blogs are tried and tested and when it comes to writing amazing headlines this article will help you all the way.

I’ve collected relevant examples from top beauty sites, checked out latest research and added in my own free resources. These 7 tips will help you write powerful titles that specifically target your beauty readers.

Let’s dive in!

Get your SEO right – add keywords to write targeted headlines

Include your focus keyword in the headline. If you’re running a WordPress blog, the SEO plugin from Yost will help you place your keyword in all the relevant places across your content, including the title.

Don’t add more than one or two keywords in your headline. Remember, in the end, you’re writing for people, not search engines. For better SEO, place the keyword at the beginning of the headline.

Ensure optimum length

Keep your headline short and sweet. Titles with up to eight words are proven to have a higher click-through compared to average articles. If you run a quick search test, and check out the top results for a keyword, let’s say “what is retinol”, you’ll see all the results on the first page show headlines under 10 words, even less.

This number may vary depending on the channel. According to a HubSpot report, headlines between 8 and 12 words in length get the most Twitter shares on average, while Facebook headlines with 12-14 words received more Likes.

Write in present tense and active voice

Give a fresh feel to your headline by using present verbs: “Treat Your Acne” works infinitely better than “Treating Your Acne.” The more actionable your headline is, the more motivated users are to click on it. Writing in the active voice (“studies show”), as opposed to the passive voice (“revealed by studies”), and you’ll convey more information using fewer words.

Use buzz words to grab attention

Add some color to your title by using catchy adjectives or adverbs. The stronger and more emotional your adjectives are, the better you get people to take action.

After analyzing posts from top beauty blogs, I put together a small list of most used buzz words in the beauty industry. I think these words works well not only for the beauty niche but also for any blog that targets the same feminine audience (health, lifestyle, girl boss, fashion.)

Add words like “amazing”, “great”, “effective”, “fancy”, “genius”, “fabulous”, “hacks”, “flawless”, “effortless”, “transforming”, “game-changing”, “holy-grail”, “hilarious”, “insanely”, “stunning”, “mesmerising.”

It’s always a good idea to tap into emotions and feelings with your headlines. So don’t be afraid to put a “feel on it” whenever you have the chance. In the end, it’s that emotional connection we want our beauty readers to be drawn to.

Use numbers

Numbers draw people’s attention. It’s a great way to tell your audience what to expect. Studies show that digits work better than words (So instead of writing “seven”, write “7”).

Numbers are best used in listicles, articles that list ideas in a bullet-point style. They are hugely popular and make for great titles, especially in the beauty industry. In fact, a recent analysis done by Buzzfeed showed that out of 60,000 of their top articles 26% were listicles!

On TotalBeauty’s home page, over 70% of the content is list-form posts. You can recognize these posts easily from their titles, “5 Ways to…” or “7 Products that…” or “10 Reasons to use…”

For a step-by-step guide, Neil Patel recommends not including more than nine steps as our brain finds it difficult to process more than nine items at a time. But if you’re writing about products or different ways to solve a problem, you can use any number you want.

In the beauty sector, even numbers tend to do a little better than odd numbers. On a quick look at the homepages of two beauty sites, Refinery29 prefer even number listicles, while TotalBeauty likes to keep a balance between even and odd numbers alike.

I personally don’t think you should focus on a particular number, I know I don’t.

Use popular search queries such as how to, what is

When people search for something, they’re intention is to find useful and relevant information. For the beauty lovers, queries like the ones below should sound very familiar:

  • how to [fix a problem]

  • how to [make a skincare product yourself]

  • how to [use products correctly]

  • What is [ingredient name]

  • What is [procedure name]

  • [Product name] Review

  • [Product name] Before and After pictures

Besides catching people’s attention, placing “how to” or “what is” in your title will also attract search engines.

Use these proven headline formulas

You don’t have to spend time on brainstorming the ideal headline for your article. It’s already done. Check out these proven formulas that I’ve gathered from top beauty sites:

The “Truth About” headline: do you have a well-researched article that contradicts the general’s public beliefs? Use this headline to entice your readers and tell them something they may not know.

Example: “The Truth About DIY Face Masks, According to Derms”

The “Proven” headline: this works wonders for people who, above all, want results from their skin care. These are ladies that have particular skincare issues and have tried many products along the way. They will value research and solid product reviews over fluffy talk.

Example: “A Skin Cream That’s Proven To Work!”

The “How I:” headline will grab your prospect’s attention because it’s not only showing them to how to get their desired benefit but you, the “I”, are telling them, not some big corporation. It is more personal and will draw your prospect into your ad copy. The little guy wins!

Example: “How I Cured My Acne in One Year”

The new take on the old review headline: tell people that you’ve tried a certain product. Beauty lovers value honest, personal experiences and are very likely to do some research before buying a product. That’s where your headline comes in.

Example: “I’ve Tried Face Oils For A Week And Here’s What Happened”

The experiment/challenge headline: after the insta-famous Ice Bucket challenge, the internet is making room for all sort of funny experiments. That goes for the beauty sector too. This headline is mega popular and will definitely boost your content.

Example: “This Woman Swapped Her Cleanser for Micellar Water for a Year”

The “Guide” headline: this is particularly helpful for people who don’t know how to handle a complicated matter. A full-depth article to guide them towards the right decision is most welcomed. Also, lengthy articles are valuable not only for readers but for search engines too.

Example: “The Beginners Guide To A Skincare Routine” or “The Complete Guide To Vitamin C Serums”

Ask a question: it’s a good way to empathize with your target audience. By doing so, you’re saying, “Hey, I’ve been in your shoes too. This article is my solution to your problem.”

Example: “What Does Botox Really Look Like?” or “Should You Add Retinol To Your Regimen?”

The “solution” headline: it’s a good way to empathize with your target audience. By doing so, you’re saying, “Hey, I’ve been in your shoes too. This article is my solution to your problem.”

Example: “This Is Why You’re Breaking Out”

Looking for more headline templates for your beauty posts? Check out my headline templates specially designed for beauty and fashion blogs. I’ve looked at articles from top industry websites to give you a clear idea how beauty influencers write about skincare, makeup and fashion. Download my 50 Catchy Headline Templates For Beauty Posts

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