How to Choose a Strategy to Support Your Blog's Goals

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In my previous article, I showed you how to choose a niche for your beauty blog. Now that you’ve done that, you are left with one more burning question:

What should my strategy be in order to ensure the success of my beauty blog?

Should I invest in social media, in my blog content, or both? What are the tried and tested ways to grab my slice of the beauty blogging pie?

The answer is not that black and white. You’ll probably need to invest in both. In fact, you’ll need to test and see what works best for yourself. However, there are still some tactics you can try. Before going into it, just take a few moments to consider:

What a successful beauty blog is all about

• Creating fresh, original content delivered constantly to your audience. Think photos, videos, tutorials, articles, etc.

• Investing in your social media presence in order to reach a bigger part of your audience. Constant amplified content will ensure your message is delivered to the right people.

• Investing in the necessary supplies to support your content. Think makeup and accessories for a makeup oriented blog, or cosmetics for a blog focused on skin care. You might look forward to freebies, but they won’t come from day one!

• Investing in tools that will enhance the quality of your work. From a good camera for the best snaps, to licenses for tools to help you edit your visual content or analyze and organize your work. As your blog grows, so will your need for better tools. Start gradually and build up to the full arsenal.

• Choosing your collaborations wisely. You might be offered anything from content, to products and money for promoted posts. Stay true to your audience and beliefs and make sure not to compromise your brand or user experience for the extra buck.

Let’s go over a few common tactics you could use to start out. Please note that these are just a few directions you could try but it doesn’t mean this is the ONLY way or that what you’ve already been doing is wrong.

Getting Started

Your Goal: You’ve just started your blog and you need to grow your traffic and following.

What you need: Brand Awareness

How you get it: Expand your reach and gain quality links back to your blog through genuine collaborations with other bloggers. You might think "what have backlinks got to do with traffic!" A lot.

Backlinks tell Google that others value your site and better rank your article. If you're not that good as SEO, no worries, you'll get there. But remember this: Backlinks are a ranking factor and help your content appear on a higher position in search results.

1. Increase your traffic

  • Increase your organic reach by carefully chosing your topics to adress long tail and less competitive keywords.

  • Use Facebook Post Booster to boost the reach of your best performing posts. Yes, it’s a paid service but you can choose a budget as little as 8$ to run a campaign.

2. Develop Domian and Page Authority (also known as DA and PA by MOZ)

  • Build backlinks to your blog by guest posting on sites that have a higher DA or PA.

  • If you have a budget for it, sponsor a post on a site with higher DA or PA authority.

3. Grow your following

  • Use Facebook Groups to gain followers and promote your content.

Keep Growing

Your Goal: You’ve got a young blog and want to grow your subscriber list.

What you need: Lead generation

How you get it: Use gated content. Gated content is exclusive content that you offer in exchange for something – You're asking your users to subscribe or leave their data in order to access the content.

  • Offer a free ebook, cheatsheet, picture or template in exchange for a subscription.

  • Offer an email course to people who subscribe to your blog.

  • Offer an exclusive membership with limited and unique resources to people who subscribe to your blog.

Monetize your blog

Your Goal: You’ve got a site and you want to make money out of it.

What you need: Affiliate links, add space, product/service

How you get it:

  • Enroll in affiliate programs and earn a commision whenever someone buys a product through your website. You can use affiliate links when you write a product review or recommend newly launched products.

  • Sell add space on your blog.

  • Create a course or an ebook and sell it.

  • Create themed stock photos and sell them.

  • Sell your services.

Do your homework: See what others are doing and follow their example

Apart from this, each niche has its particularities. Take for example the hairstyle niche. You probably heard of Sarah Angius the hair guru from Netherlands.

She started in 2013 when she was working as a hairstylist in Rotterdam. How did she do it? First, she posted her work on Instagram, showing hair transformations and styles, some of which could have easily been reproduced at home.

When her followers started asking for tips, Sarah posted short tutorials (as short as Instagram allowed) almost daily, seeing her community grow to reach 3.6 million followers in 4 years. For her it was Instagram first, then YouTube and lastly the blog. And as far as I can see, she’ll soon be morphing into a lifestyle goddess with cute outfits and perfect hairstyles.

Another example comes from the nail expert blogging area. I’ve been following Pshiiit Polish, a French expert in nail polish and art, long before Instagram was even a thing. She started with her blog first, growing her social media presence afterwards and focusing on testing products and creating design.

Although you might not be impressed by her 223K followers on Instagram, think that her blog is in French and so are her posts, so she is focusing only on her French audience. Talk about a niche!

Do you have a strategy in place? What are your blog's goals?

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