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Taking care of ourselves seems to be put on the bottom of the priority list for most people, having too much to do and too little time. However sometimes we forget how essential this is.

Looking after your appearance, having your hair styled, nails done or even a new outfit: How amazing do you feel afterwards? It increases your confidence and your self-worth because you have invested in you, this has a positive effect on how you feel and perceive yourself.

Self-care does not stop there!

I know a lot of ladies that keep pushing through life juggling everything at once trying to better their and their families lives. I love a good success story but I also know that there are millions of women who find it hard to juggle everything and feel like they are failing.

This is where the mental self care must be put at the top of the priority list! Taking care of your mindset is one of the most important skills I have learnt to date. I speak from experience as a person that has battled with anxiety.

A few years ago, anxiety controlled my life and everything in it. I know the person who I looked at in the mirror every morning was not who I wanted to be, something had to change.

I took a year out of business and went on a mission to find myself again, find my positive outlook on life and put trust in my path. I had lost my sparkle and was ready to get it back.

Changing your mindset can truly change your life, the work isn’t easy but only you can make it work. I went from running a successful bridal business to hitting rock bottom to being a mindset coach within 2 years and trust me when you hit your rock bottom you can’t go any further. The only way is up from there.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you needing to be in a different place to where you are now?

Morning positive affirmations is a good place to start. Every morning I set myself a routine that has a positive effect on each day. This doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t days where things go wrong, but it certainly makes you tackle those days with different eyes. You learn to look and react at situations differently and to try and see the positive in everything.

Set yourself a small routine. Write down everything you are grateful for and a positive thought for the day. Practicing this routine will get you off to a good start. It’s amazing how small changes can really help lead to a big life change.

The next tip towards improving your mindset would be to journal. Journaling allows you to throw everything that is in your head onto the page, you can process situations that are having a negative impact on our life more effectively and then let go. Journaling is very cathartic.

So ladies! Lets get positive! Treat yourself, new hair, make up, nails done! Make yourself feel like a million dollars! Then start writing those positive affirmations down and stop those negative thoughts from creeping in. Your life is about to change!

Michelle Go Girl Entrepreneur

Michelle is the owner and creator of Go Girl Entrepreneur. She helps women in business gain and improve a positive mindset to achieve success. She is also passionate about sharing her journey to inspire others to change their life.

Connect with Michelle @gogirlentrepreneur or on Go Girl Entrepreneur Facebook Page


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