DIY Guide: Herbal Steaming for Oily Skin

DIY Face steaming oily skin

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Steaming your face for a healthy complexion is something every lady has done at some point. Beauticians do it to prepare the skin for almost any procedure, whereas DIY practitioners do face steaming alone for the benefits it brings. But can herbal steaming really help your oily skin? Let’s find out together!

1. Why do a homemade facial steam if you have oily skin?

What facial seaming actually does is that it loosens up the skin and softens the oil and bacteria that clog pores. This makes it easy to remove the debris and purify the pores. Facial steaming will not “open up your pores” because this is technically impossible. Pores don’t open or close!

Now that we’re clear, here are 3 reasons for why a homemade facial steam will help manage oily skin:

– it improves the texture of your skin; your skin will feel softer and you’ll have a smooth texture to work with in the next step which is….

– preparing your skin for extraction, if you like to do it yourself;

– and last but not least your skin can easily absorb what you put on it after the steaming- now it would be a good time for a serum and/or your favourite veggie mask.

The key point is: don’t expect a miracle from regular face steaming! This is a preparatory step for your skincare routine and not a treatment on its own!

2. Debunking common face steaming myths

Unfortunately, there is little research done on face steaming and that is probably the cause for people going nuts about it. The most interesting myths I’ve heard are:

You can ’t do a facial steam more than one time per week A facial steam alone does no more and no less than what a face wash does. It is not harmful in any way. And to be honest, all of us are steaming our faces on a daily basis in the shower and we see nothing wrong in that. Now let’s add up a couple of leaves, a drop of oil and some healing music, it is just the same thing in a different context. I had moderate acne in my days and I steamed my face even 3 times a week with no extra drama. Even Dermatologist Neal Schultz says you can steam your face every other day.

The steam is dangerous for acne skin Unless you have severe acne there is nothing that you should worry about. Again, a herbal steaming does exactly what your cleanser dose: it cleanses your skin… a bit. And I say a bit because you never see your comedones coming out while your skin is sweating!

Do the plants used for a facial steaming really matter? You’ve probably seen special recipes, mixtures of certain plants for different skin types, but does oily skin need only peppermint, eucalyptus and chamomile? The answer is no. In fact, you can use any herbs for your facial steaming, it doesn’t really matter, they don’t do as much as you’d hope for. The role of the herbs in a facial steam is simply aromatherapeutical.

A regular facial steaming product brings no other advantage than convenience compared to a homemade facial steaming. There is no difference or advantage of one over the other. I prefer the homemade herbal face steaming because I feel the steam is more powerful.

3. How to do your herbal facial steam

Here are 2 recipes I’ve tried and liked:

1.Take a big to huge pot or a wide bowl.

2.Pour 1L of water inside and boil it.

3.Add the following herbal mix:

– green tee/chamomile/ mint + 2-3 drops of tea tree oil or – peppermint tea with lemon peel (from half a lemon)

4. Let everything boil for 3 minutes. Then take the bowl and place it on the table.

5. Remove your make-up and cleanse your skin.

6. Place your head under a towel above the steam for 7-5 min. Exposing your skin to the heat for a longer time can cause your skin to get dehydrated.

Facial steaming brings the best results if it’s followed up by a light exfoliation and moisturizer. My personal recommendations are:

– apply an AHA or a clay mask

– apply your serum, it can be a Vitamin C serum, an anti-oxidant serum or a skin purifying serum for acne

– apply a moisturising mask- you can choose a sheet mask- or go straight to your moisturiser

Have you done a herbal face steaming? If yes, write a comment below and share your recipes with us. Let our community know what worked for you and what didn’t. We’d love to feature one of your recipes and publish it in our DIY section. In the end, we all learn from each other! Can’t wait to see your comments!


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